our essential process

At essential financial planning, we’ve developed our own six-step process.  It helps us to understand your current situation and objectives so we can develop and manage a strategy that will address your specific needs.

1. Personal discovery session

During our first session together, it’s all about you. We explore your current financial situation and discuss and review your short-term and long-term goals and objectives to ensure they’re realistic.

2. Collect information and finalise goals and objectives

The next step is to finalise your current goals and objectives. Don’t worry, these aren’t set in stone for the rest of your life – they can and should be reviewed regularly.

3. Formulate strategy

This is where we create your personalised strategy. Often we recommend a combination of strategies to achieve your goals within the agreed risk and time framework.
Our recommendations may include the restructuring of legal ownership of assets and investments, insurance to protect your income and assets, and estate planning.

4. Select the perfect products for your needs

Once we’ve agreed upon your strategy, we’ll select the most appropriate investments and other financial products from the extensive range of providers that we have access to. A key part of this selection process is our regular evaluation of our recommendations using independent research.

5. Implement strategy

After meeting with you to discuss your financial plan, we’re ready to implement your strategy.  During this phase, we work with you closely to ensure that all the paper work is completed promptly and efficiently.

6. Ongoing review

The last step of the process – the review – is not so much a final phase, but more like the beginning of a long-term relationship. We review your strategy and investment and insurance portfolio on a regular basis to ensure that you are on track and that they are still appropriate. Our reviews take into consideration factors such as changes to the economy, investment markets and legislation, as well as any changes to your personal circumstances.
We like to keep in touch! We will be in regular contact with you throughout the year via our market and legislative updates and invitations to our education seminars.

essential trigger points

At different stages of your life your personal goals and your financial situation may change. You may need to revisit your financial strategy if and when you:

  • get married;
  • start a family;
  • receive a promotion;
  • inherit some money;
  • make your final mortgage repayment;
  • experience redundancy;
  • separate from your partner; or
  • plan to retire.