Throughout the entire income protection process, Peter and Jennifer have provided us with support, assistance and advice of the highest professional standard. From the initial purchase of the income protection, to queries about our eligibility for regular income protection in the setting on an unforeseen illness, to the arrangements of the monthly income protection payments, we have always felt in control, with no confusion or fear of the unknown, due to the knowledge that Peter and Jennifer were there to provide very timely assistance, should it be requested.
Thank you very much for all your help, especially in what was and is a very challenging and demanding time for us.

We (Carolyn & husband) first met Peter in 2000, when we were in our late 30’s with school age children. Peter analysed our finances, financial goals and personal insurances and made recommendations.
10 years later, we were sitting in a surgeon’s office after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, discussing surgery and treatment options, when trauma insurance was mentioned.
We contacted Peter to advise him, who then initiated the claim on our behalf and was in regular contact as it progressed.
The insurance payout meant that I was able to take extended time off work and concentrate on becoming well without the worry of financial pressures.
Having a cancer diagnosis is a very traumatic experience; however we are grateful for the financial security that we were offered.

I feel a sense of security staying with you.   Jackie